MAY 2024 - Month of Self-Defense

Free Self-Defense Seminars

Train for FREE. Fight for a cause. Learn to survive and thrive this May.

Join us for free self-defense seminars that are perfect for all skill levels.



Table 1
Seminar Language Date Time
Krav Maga Debutant FRA 16. May 2024

18:00 - 19:30

Krav Maga Debutant LUX 25. May 2024

9:30 - 11:00

Krav Maga Debutant ENG 31. May 2024

18:00 - 19:30

Woman Self-Defense


25. May 2024

13:30 - 15:00

Kids Krav Maga Intro


21. May 2024

15:45 - 17:00

Advanced Krav Maga 


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This May, the Krav Maga Center Luxembourg is proud to host a series of free Krav Maga seminars, dedicated to support Luxembourg Air Rescue.

The seminars are free to join, we ask you to make a little donation if you liked the seminar.

All proceeds go to LAR.

Luxembourg Air Rescue plays a crucial role in providing emergency medical services in our region, and your contributions help ensure that they can continue their lifesaving missions.

Join us to sharpen your Krav Maga skills and help make a difference in the lives of those in need.

Together, we can contribute to a safer, stronger community.

Introduction to Krav Maga

Come and learn the most effective self-defense in the world.


This May we offer this seminar in three languages:

Krav Maga Debutant (FRENCH) Thursday 16.5.2024 18.00-19.30

Krav Maga Debutant (LUXEMBOURGISH) Saturday 25.05 09.30 - 11.00

Krav Maga Debutant (ENGLISH) Friday 31.5. 18.00-19.30

Krav Maga is the most effective self-defense system in the world designed for people of all shapes and fitness levels.

It is based on the instinctive movements and natural reflexes of the human body which means, with the right guidance, it's very easy to learn.

Krav Maga is designed for the real-world, not gym and controlled environment.

When you’re face to face with real danger, your chances of getting home safe rise exponentially when you have Krav Maga training under your belt.

Women's Self-Defense Seminar

Everything a woman needs to be safe anywhere...

Women's Self-Defense Seminar (Lux / Fra / Eng) Saturday 25.5.2024 13.30-15.00

Join us for a transformative Women's Self-Defense Seminar, led by Europe's highest ranked female black belt expert, Jennifer Carat.

This seminar is tailored specifically for women, focusing on practical self-defense techniques, situational awareness, and assertive confrontation skills.

Jennifer's extensive experience and passion for empowering women make this an ideal opportunity for participants of all skill levels to enhance their personal safety and confidence.

Whether you are new to martial arts or looking to refine your skills, this empowering session is designed to equip you with vital knowledge and techniques to protect yourself in any situation.

Advanced Krav Maga Seminar

Learn advanced techniques and tactics

Advanced Krav Maga Seminar (Lux / Fra / Eng) date to be announced

Master advanced techniques for third party protection and weapons defense.

Learn things that are not covered in regular classes.

We reach out into the expert curriculum to give you extra self-defense tools in your toolbox.

Join one of the highest ranked European Experts - Marc Stoltz, black belt 4th dan in Krav Maga and learn from the best!

Kids Krav Maga Seminar

Keep your child safe when you're not around...

Kids Krav Maga Introduction (Lux / Fra / Eng) Tuesday 21.05 15.45 - 17.00

This seminar offers a fantastic start for children to learn the basics of Krav Maga in a fun, safe, and supportive environment.

Led by Europe's top instructor Jennifer Carat and her team, our seminar is designed to teach children essential self-defense skills while improving their coordination, self-discipline, and confidence.

We focus on practical techniques and situational awareness, tailored to be age-appropriate and engaging for young learners.

Join us for an exciting introduction to the world of Krav Maga, where the kids can grow stronger, make new friends, and learn skills that last a lifetime.

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