When you're looking for something special for your event... we're your guys. From team-building events to anti-bullying seminars to birthday parties, we've done it all.



When you want an event that'll keep them energized...

This isn't your average corporate retreat.

Our team building programs are high-energy, adrenaline-fueled, and unlike anything your people have experienced before.

We tailor the experience to your company's specific goals, whether it's breaking down silos, fostering collaboration, or just giving your team a well-deserved dose of awesome.

We guarantee they'll be buzzing about it well after they're back at their desks.

Special programs for


In a constantly changing world, schools face increasingly complex challenges.

The decline in physical activity among students, the rise of stress in young people, and growing safety concerns are all issues that require an effective response.

That's where our Health & Fitness @ School program comes in, offering a complete and turnkey solution to turn these challenges into opportunities.


Birthday Parties

Give your kid the most fun (and educational) birthday of their life with our awesome kids birthday package.

Kids rave about these things for MONTHS after they happen. They're just that awesome.

Our Karate and Martial Arts Birthday Parties provide a super-fun, supervised, structured party for your child. These parties include fun and games, as well as martial arts instruction.

But the best part is... your kid is the star of the show. They'll help teach their friends martial arts, and demo their own skills so they feel like a total rockstar.

Kids absolutely love these parties, and talk about them for months. Parents love how relaxing and stress-free they are.

After all, we do all the work!

Spots fill up FAST, so call us today to book your child's party!

Let's Host your next event

Do you have an event concept in mind that you would like to host at our center?

Combine fitness, self-defense with the philosophy and mission of your company?

We are creatively open to share the world of Krav Maga and martial arts by co-creating a one-of-a-kind experience for your community or company, all tailored to the aim of your event.

Contact us for a discovery call with our team & exploring where the ideas will take us!


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