LEARN THE POWER OF KRAV MAGA, a SELF-DEFENSE system developed by the Israeli Special Forces and at the same time BURN FAT, BOOST your ENERGY and get in GREAT SHAPE in a record time

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YOU are only a few steps away from becoming that person you always wanted to be!

Most people lose up to 3 pounds of bodyfat just in the first week!
Imagine where you'll be after a few weeks within our program.

My partner, Jennifer Carat (Krav Maga Black Belt) and myself, Marc Stoltz (Krav Maga Blackbelt 3rd Dan), are the founders of Krav Maga Center Luxembourg "by kickyoufit". If you're like so many of the people who have come to our Krav Maga Center, there's a good chance that...

First, you’ve tried to get in great shape time after time, only to find frustration, and little to no results…

You're currently working out and eating right... but something just seems to be “missing” because the pounds just won't come off!

Or maybe you realize that you need a lifestyle change, and you're finally ready to start eating right, and getting a great, well-rounded workout. You're ready for a healthy, lean, happy life

Whatever your situation is — we know it’s frustrating to have extra weight that just won’t come off.

But what is Krav Maga? Krav Maga is not a traditional martial art. No kata, no rituals. Krav Maga is based on the instinctive movements and natural reflexes of the human body. Krav Maga focuses on simple movements that allow people of all ages and different fitness levels to learn how to defend themselves in record time. Students do not only go away with a toned and healthy body and self-defense techniques, they learn to mentally prepare themselves to use their combativeness in any situation of everyday life and improve on their self-confidence. Thus students can get rid of their curves and their fears. Tested on the battlefield by the Isreali Defense Forces and in the streets, the pragmatic approach of Krav Maga's self defense will make you safer.

STOP to face a very different reality each time you go home and look in the mirror but join our KRAV MAGA and FITNESS classes NOW and we will not only teach you the skills needed to defend yourself but also help you lose that weight and live healthier. Simple, right ? And the best part about it ? You will do all of this by having lots of fun, in a riendly environment and supported by professional and certified instructors.

JOIN THE „kickyoufit“ family now and you will see: LEARNING TO DEFEND YOURSELF IS EASY! Don't worry – even though we teach moves of the Israeli army, we do NOT teach in a military fashion! Our classes are suitable for ALL FITNESS LEVELS and AGES. It's all about fun, making friends, and results, nothing more.

Word about the results people are getting is spreading like crazy! Our classes may fill up at any time. To insure that you get a spot, take action now and enter your info below or phone right now to make an appointment for your fist trial training +352 2799-0160

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