Birthday Parties


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Parties at our Krav Maga Center are more than just dropping off your kids at the fun zone... Our parties are way more fun, structured events and educational, but most importantly your kids will brag about them for months afterwards.

Our birthday parties include:

  • + 3 hours of supervised fun and excitement including a KRAV MAGA class and a NINJA PARCOURS (or FIT TO FIGHT class). You can relax and let our professional and certified staff supervise your kids
  • + Your child being nominated assistant-KRAV MAGA-instructor for a day, thus feels like a total champ!
  • + A giant cake party for the kids including unlimited drinks and CAAAAAKE (decorated with a sugar coated printed picture of your child)
  • + A gift for your child and all the guests
  • + Invitation cards, that we will provide you
  • + Room decoration (your child can select a favorite theme) & all the set-up
  • + Photos of your party
  • + All the clean up! (so parents, there is nothing to do for you except enjoying a relaxing afternoon). All you have to do after the party is grab your kids and go home. 100% hazzlefree :D
  • + You can expect loads of fun games, activites and challenges.

Give your kid the most fun (and educational) birthday of their life with our awesome kids birthday package. Since our parties are very popular (most kids come back year after year) our dates book up really quick, so don't hesitate and BOOK NOW!

WHY we do this, and why it's so powerful

  • This kind of positive feedback from their peers will boost your child's confidence and self-esteem - and make them feel proud of thmselves, and everything that they've accomplished...

  • They'll really see how far they've come in their training through the compliments and shocked expressions on their friends' faces.

Our birthday packages include: invitation cards, gift for your child and all guests, cake + unlimited drinks, room decoration, photos of your party

Kids rave about these things for MONTHS after they happen. They're just that awesome.

You want to celebrate a birthday in a relaxed, friendly and at the same time sporty and fun atmosphere?

CALL NOW +352 2799 0160 and we'll answer any questions you have, and get you and your child all signed up for their big birthday party!


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